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Confined Space Entrant & Attendant

Course Code: 6480

Duration: 8 hrs



Confined spaces can be an extremely dangerous work environment. Identifying, understanding, and controlling the hazards provides workers with the ability to safely perform their duties within, or when monitoring these environments.

This one-day course will address basic principles and concepts of confined space safety and the roles of the attendant and entrant in the process. The course includes case studies, workbook exercises, and a fall safety systems practical exercise to understand safe vertical entry.

The course is ideally suited for those who will either enter or serve as an attendant for those entering basic confined spaces at the worksite.

  • Confined space identification

  • Hazard categories

  • Respecting confined spaces

  • Confined space oversight

  • Roles & responsibilities (Supporting roles, Attendant, Entrant)

  • Hazard controls

  • Testing and normalizing atmospheres

  • Emergency response

  • Permitting

  • Pre, entry, and post-entry protocols

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