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We work with our clients to provide the absolute best service possible, tapping into over 40 years of industry experience.

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Our highly trained rescue teams can be provided to rescue client’s workers in case of an incident in a confined space or at heights. These teams typical consist of 1 to 3 staff members made up of rescue technicians and safety watches. Our teams will have rigorous training and will be prepared to respond efficiently and effectively to all rescue scenario’s using the most modern technology available on the market today.

Trusting the services of Stewart Safety Services allows you to comply with legislation while focusing on your maintenance operations.

Safety Rescue Coordinator

Every workplace has risk associated with it that organizations must identify and prepare to mitigate. Our team of highly trained Safety Rescue Coordinators can help you. 

Our team will:

Complete a Hazard Assessment

Build Rescue Plans tailored to your site

Train and build your team

Compliance test your team at regular intervals

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Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing. Ensuring masks and respirators have the perfect fit to keep you and your staff safe.

During our Fit Test you will learn:

  • The proper way to put on and remove your mask

  • Respirator care and maintenance

  • How to check your seal

  • The difference between N, R, P-series respirators 

Upon completion the employer will receive a Fit Test Report and training form for record keeping.


Proper inspection of fall protection equipment is key to keep your staff safe. At Stewart Safety Service we can come to your site and provide top notch service for your gear.

Our professional team will inspect each piece and provide the proper documentation needed so you can be sure your equipment is safe and ready to go when you need it.

We inspect harnesses, laynards, rope grabs, and life lines


Equipment Sales & Rentals

 Stewart Safety Service is an official distributor and wholesaler of XTIRPA equipment which is among the most versatile on the market. It is used all over the world. Their equipment is designed with the objective of offering safe solutions for working in confined spaces and at heights. In addition, the use of this equipment allows you to meet the highest standards on the market.

We provide you with the rental of XTIRPA rescue equipment, CSA, CE and ANSI certified.

SSS makes its range of fall protection equipment and recovery equipment available to you. Now you can rent XTIRPA rescue equipment by the day, week and even month. The advantages: savings in service costs, as well as the possibility of trying out certain equipment before purchasing it.

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