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After years of dedicated service as firefighters, we are thrilled to unveil our comprehensive range of firefighting equipment.


We are pleased to introduce Dräger's complete range of Firefighting and Industrial Equipment.

For over 130 years, Dräger has been renowned for providing cutting-edge industrial safety solutions globally. Their offerings encompass a diverse array of portable and fixed solutions for gas detection, flame detection systems, personal protective equipment, fire safety and training gear, as well as escape and rescue apparatus. Dräger stands as a hallmark of top-tier safety technology.

It's time to Dräger up!

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Lakeland stands as a premier global authority in crafting protective clothing, dedicated to elevating safety standards across diverse sectors. With a legacy spanning four decades of excellence, they specialize in outfitting the industrial workforce, including but not limited to electric and gas utilities, petrochemical facilities, hazardous waste sites, chemical handling operations, cleanrooms, fire services, and road crews.


At Lakeland, they recognize that not all turnout gear is created equal. Hence, they prioritize comfort, design, and safety above all else. Their turnout gear boasts an athletic cut and meticulous strategic design, guaranteeing unmatched fit and functionality. Experience the Lakeland difference and safeguard your department with confidence.

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